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Recommending Matt

I have worked with Matt a couple of times now and really enjoyed it. He is fun and full of ideas, which is always a bonus. He's currently looking for more photographers to work with. Although he is comfortable doing nude work he is also looking to some more clothed work. Key for him is the Photographer knows what they are doing and has a reason for doing the photos. For those of you who might be interested in working with him, he is based in Manchester but willing to travel for paid shoots. His details are as follow:

Long time between posts

I know its been over a month since I last put up a post. I have just been very busy finalising "Young Otters 2". It is virtually ready. I have been working with some old favourites, such as Sam, who appeared in the Bruno Gmuender book "Cum" and Adam Coussins aka David Jones, Jon Saunders and Mike Douglas. 2 other very well known models from the Adult Film industry, Woody Foxx and Riley Tess are going to be in the book as well., as well as some new favourites of mine, Charlie Regan and Jason who both did solo shoots after the due set which I showed in the last post.

June best month ever.

It's official. June 2014 the Suntown Photography site had the most visits ever since we started in April 2010. There were 4313 visitors to the site in June this year. That beats the previous high of 4222 in January 2013. Thank you for your continued interest in the site. Now if every visitor bought 1 item I would be ecstatically happy and I could give up the day job, But that's not yet happening. So PLEASE tell me what it is you want. Though please don't ask for pay for access galleries or video's as that is not a route I wish to go down.

June's Number 1 best seller was...........

June's Number 1 best seller was for the 1st time since it was published "The Puffer Jacket Sessions". It's a slightly diffierent collection to the other in that the uniting theme of the collection is that 10 guys all pose wearing the same jacket. The featured models in the collection are, AJ Pack, Danny, JP Josh, Matteus, Ky, Steve Jones, Neil, Jeff Bishop and Sam. If it continues this well I may well be tempted to do another collection. Let me know what you think. Below are some pics from the book:

Busy week

Sorry for not posting anything in the last week. It just been pretty hectic. Plus the Sun has been out so I have not been in as much as usual. Anyway I am in the process of selling my house. Those of you who have been through the process know that to make sure you get a buyers interest the house has to look at its best at all times. Well each time I did one "little job" it highlighted something else I need to do. Plus one of my house mates is moving out this weekend after nearly 7 years to move in to his own place.

Mike Stafford is back.

Many of you may remember Mike Stafford. Some years ago he appeared on quite a number of the well know sites featuring young guys. He even did a couple of shoots for me. You can see a couple of pics from one of the shoots in"Aroused".Anyway the other day Mike got back in touch with me as he wants to get back in to modelling. He's based in Northampton but willing to travel. As for fees he is happy to do shoots so long as he is not out of pocket. You can get in touch first by email and then he will pass on his mobile so that you can finalize the details.

Artists exhibition

I came across an artist who's work I like and I think a lot of you will as well. The reason for the blog is to tell you that he has an up and coming exhibition.

New Gay Visual Arts Zine - Obscured

Obscured is a new publication looking at the way we (especially gay men) hide or otherwise obscure ourselves. Please take a look at the group - and call for submissions... https://www.facebook.com/groups/297985217026425/

A hold on shoots

Danny Russell - Appears in "Young Otters"Jason FelixSam
Danny who appears in "Young Otters" and a collection of solo pics of him called "Danny"BazzaJP Josh Robbie
AdamSimon King
As the title of the blog suggest I am going to have to put a hold on shoots for the next few weeks following my trip abroad. Spent a bit more than planned. But don't worry I will be doing new material pretty soon. I am currently finalizing the content of 3 books which I hope will all be available from the end of July. 

In the meantime I hope you enjoy this selection of old material.

Quiet week

Suntown LadsYoung OttersDannySimon King
KyDanny ValentinoPuffer Jacket CollectionAroused 2
Well not much happened this week. No shoots to report. With everyone away for the Easter there was not much to do. I have made a submission of images to Butt Magazine. So hopefully that will come out soon and book sales have continued at a steady pace. As ever theSimon Kingcollection has done well. Please remember if you want to see some of the pics in each of the Blurb edition titles (including the EBook titiles) go to theSelf Print Bookspage and click on the pic of the title you are interested in.