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Final call for Shy Exhibitionists
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Free Copy of "The English Country Lad".
Justin does his 3rd shoot for Suntown Photography
3 excellent models so far this year

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Final call for Shy Exhibitionists

The "Shy Exhibitionists" book is almost ready. Most of the picture selection has been done, but it would be still be fun to work with a few more guys who want to get naked infront of the camera but want to retain their anonymity. If you are fit and aged between 18 and 40 and want to give it a go then please send a recent self pic to dave@suntownphoto.co.uk. Payment for your inclusion in the book will be a copy of the book and a selection of pics from the shoot you do. I am based in Banbury Oxfordshire.

Mentions on other sites

Free Copy of "The English Country Lad".

Between now and the 30th April 2014 if you email a picture of yourself holding a copy of any of the books from Suntown Photography available through Blurb.com that I can upload on to the blog, I will send you a free copy of "The English Country Lad".

Please make sure any pic you send is publishable on this site. IE not explicit in any way. Email you pic over with your name and address so that I can post the book to you. It would be fun to see if anyone will take me up on the offer. As ever the email address is dave@suntownphoto.

Justin does his 3rd shoot for Suntown Photography

I had the pleasure of doing my 3rd shoot with the very good looking Justin Day today. It was a bit cold to do anything outside but I think you will agree the indoor results more than make up for it. I am definitely looking forward to the next shoot. Below are some of the shots from the shoot. Some shots will be in "Young Otters 2" when it is published later this year.

3 excellent models so far this year

I have worked with 3 really nice guys this year. Two; Miles and Travis, I hadn't worked with before, and S-David-C who I have worked with twice before. I was really happy with the results and I am looking forward with all of them again in the coming year. All 3 will be appearing in "Young Otters 2" which is a new collection of B&W photos of Men with fur that I am working on at present which is intended to be published by July. Miles and Travis will also be in another new title "Boots'n'Boys" which will a collection of photos of guys who keep their footwear on and very little else.

Revised Edition of Ky

I have some shoots lined up with some excellent new models over the next couple of months. They hopefully will help me complete the new photo collections I am working on which will then be available shortly. To whet you appetite the collections I am working on are "Bootz'n'Boyz" - A collection of photographs of guys wearing boots, shoes, trainers etc and very little else. "Young Otters 2" A collection of B&W photos of young guys with fur. "Sam" - A collection of photographs of Sam from the age of 18 to 22.

Model S-David-C available for shoots

Last weekend I worked with the excellent model S-David-C. This was the 3rd time I worked with David and I would say it was the best shoot I have done with him. David is based in west London and is looking to work with new photographers. He won't do full frontal nude but he will consider most other paid work. If you are a member of Model Mayhem look for his profile on there. Alternatively if you want me to pass on your contact details then I will. I can't guarantee he'd accept your offer but there is no harm in asking.

Great 1st shoot

I finally got to work with Miles Stokes yesterday. It had taken a bit of time to organise but it was worth it. He was here bang on time. It was the first time I had used this particular location and I wasn't too sure how it would turn out. As it was it wasn't too bad and I got results that I am very happy with. Several of the shots will be destined to most certainly appear in "Young Otters 2" which I am working on at present. 

Miles has worked with a couple of photographers already but he is still pretty new to it and has a genuine modesty.

January Best sellers

I forgot to tell you the top 3 best sellers for January, so here they are:

No.1 - Aroused 2No.2 - DannyNo.3 - Simon King: The bare essentials

All 3 are still available as either print to order book or ebooks. Click on the hyperlinks to order.

I am still working on the "Shy Guy" book. It will by in the landscape format that the two collections of Aroused photos. I am still sorting out the final selection of photos and still on the look out for some guys who want to give erotic nude modelling a go. The finished book will have 80 to 100 pages and contain 100+ photos.

TFP in London or Chester

Just a quick reminder in case you are interested. I am going to be in South East London (Charlton actually) on the weekend of 1st and 2nd March and then in Chester on 19th March. If anyone is in the area who I haven't worked with before and wants to try giving Male Image Modelling a go and is aged over 18 through to 30's then drop me a line and we will see what can be organised. These will not be paid shoots. The options are:
1) Do a set of pics for "Shy Guys". In exchange you will receive a selection of pic