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A shoot I forgot to mention
Adult performers at Suntown
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Pic of Alex already on another site

Yesterday I told you about the shoot I had just done with the lovely Alex Hall who had come all the way from the West Country to do his first photoshoot for Suntown Photography. Anyway I also showed some of the photos to my friend, the American author, B.G.Thomas. He loved the pics of Alex. So much so he has used one of them as a Banner Header pic on his own blog on the page Holiday Stories. Why not check it out by clicking on the link or the pic below. 

Great new find

I had the pleasure today of working with a lovely guy called Alex Hall. It was apparently only the 2nd time he posed for anything other than family snaps. And the first time had been with a mate after a few drinks. He was clearly a bit nervous but I hope he enjoyed the shoot as much as I did. Especially as he had had a bit of a trek to get here. It actually took him over 3 hours to get up here by train from where he had stayed over night down in the south west. I hope his return journey is a bit easier for him.

A shoot I forgot to mention

I was recently contacted by Tye who does a blog calledFavourite Hunks & other things. Over the years Tye has done features on my work a number of times and it always generates interest in the books etc. Anyway as I said Tye contacted me. This time it was because he wanted to do a feature on a new model on the scene called Patrick Tarpey. I have done 2 shoots with Patrick this year and he is a real find. It then suddenly dawned on me that although I did my own blog on Patrick for his 1st shoot I didn't do one on the 2nd.

Adult performers at Suntown

Over the years I've been lucky enough to work with a number of guys who are better known for their appearances in Gay Adult films. What has surprised me is that a number of them are Straight. Below are the pics of the guys from a selection of shoots that they have done with me over the last 10 years. I am sure you will recognise most of them if not all.

Woody FoxxMartin Knight aka AlexanderGuy RogersRiley TessPaul Walker
Mate EusPaddy O'BrienLee BryanTyler BrookDanny E
Mike David Johnson aka Adam Coussins

Danny is back

One of my favorite models, Danny E, came back to do his 11th solo shoot for me. It just over a year since I last saw him and he was looking as good as ever. He keeps saying he's getting to old to model at the ripe old age of 29. I disagree and I hope you will as well. I've always enjoyed working with him and although he looks a bit of a bad lad he is always polite and friendly. I just hope I can persuade him to keep on getting in front of my camera for many years to come. I hope you enjoy the pics from this latest session.

21 postal days to Christmas

Yes my friends there are only 21 days left between now and Christmas where post will be delivered. I mention this as a gentle reminder that if you want to order any books or calendars for Christmas gifts you better get your skates on. Especially as most of the books and all of the calendars I supply are printed to order so you need to factor in 4 days for printing as well. So please, to avoid disappointment, put your orders in now.

This weekend I am down visiting friends in London and returning to sunny Oxfordshire on Tuesday.

Jake does his 2nd shoot

It's three whole years since I did my first shoot with Jake. Since then I have been wanting to get him back in front of my camera but as ever work and life get in the way of any plans so it was not until this week I managed to get to work with him again. Was the wait worth it? The answer most definitely is YES. He was a charming and fun as I remember from the first shoot. He has also matured and gained confidence. It was a real pleasure to work with him again and I certainly hope it will not be another three years before I get to work with him again.

4th shoot with hot hairy hunk, Max

Over the years I have worked with a lot of good looking guys who are also fun company. Max is one of those guys. Although he puts personal limits on what he will show on camera, which is a shame, as based on what I have seen, he has nothing to be embarassed about, he it a great guy to work with. I had planned to do this 4th shoot at a new location but due to the property owner getting tickets for a London show and would not be back in time we had to do the shoot where we have worked twice previously, which is always a little more limiting as its hard not to keep repeating yourself.

Thank you "Favourite Hunks"

I just wanted to say thank you to Tye Briggs for the great mention yet again in his "Favorite Hunks Blog Spot". It really is appreciated when i get a mention like this. I hope you also like the selection of pics that he's used in the feature. If you want to see the whole blog go to adds a new blog every few days. Over the years I've been lucky enough for him to have done 6 previous blogs. You should check it out. 

Also yesterday I did my 4th shoot with the hunky Max Brunton.

Only 46 days to 2015

Yes it is now only 46 days before the start of 2015. Its a busy period for everyone. I have a few shoots lined up between now and then. One; possibly two, are for the delayed "Shy Exhibitionists" book. There are a couple of guys I have been trying to work with since I started that project that for one reason or another I just haven't managed to see to get the pics. The others are hopefully going to be some book cover s for novels by BG Thomas. That is of course assuming both he and his publisher like them.