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Busy weekend

Yesterday was the start of a busy weekend for me. It started with a mini Stag for my best mate. I must admit I am a bit of lightweight when it comes to drinking so I gave my excuses and left the rest too it at 10.30pm. Which considering we had all met up eight hours earlier was I felt pretty good going for me.

Today I have got lined up 2 shoots. Both with a couple of favourites of mine. The 1st will be Nathan Mattews. Nathan is going to feature in "Naked and Inked" and this shoot is the first shoot I am doing which is going to be specifically for that particular project.

Naked and Inked

I am looking for 100 guys aged 18 to 40 who are good looking, reasonably fit and who have tattoo's and who would be willing to show them off doing nude poses. Full frontal is not necessary. The shoot is for a book I hope to release later this year. As well as pics of the guys showing off their tattoos I would like to include some text about what the various tattoos represent to the model. I have already worked with a number of guys who have tattoos and each said that most represent something.

New Year and a New Model

Yes 2015 has started off well with excellent new model Sebastian Cox. He is 6'1", slim, blond and good looking. This was his first venture in the world of male image modeling and I was pleased it was me he decided to do it with. It was a fun session and despite his inexperience he took direction well and I got some excellent results. Sabastian is a fitness coach and does sports massage. Which explains why he is fit. If you would be interested in booking him for a shoot, or sports coach or sports massage then drop me an email and I will pass it on to him.

Patrick gets another mention

The blogger Tye Briggs has done another piece on one of my popular models, Patrick Tarpey on his blog pageFavourite Hunks and other Things. If you want to see the piece and the pictures supplied by Suntown then please click on the pic of Patrick shown on the left. 

Please remember that Patrick also appears in theSuntown Men 2015 calenderwhich is still available to order until the end of the month.

Oh yes towards the end of the month I am thinking of popping down to Bournemouth one weekend. If any fit guy aged 20-40 is interested in doing a shoot in exchange for images and a blog mention (if you want it) then please get in touch and see what we can arrange.

Red by B.G.Thomas about to be published

Just before Christmas I mention that the new book"Red"by B.G. Thomas is going to be published on 21/01/2015 as an Ebook. You can get it direct from Dreamspinner Press or Amazon. The reason I am mentioning it again is that the cover photo was taken by yours truely and feature the lovely Matt who is also featured in the Suntown Men 2015 Calendar. Anyway I thought you might be interested to see the other cover options that were looked at before the final B&W cover was chosen. Would you have prefered one of the others?

Calendars - Last chance to order

Just letting you know that at the end of the month; which is a whole 21 days away I will be removing the2015 calendarsfrom the site. So if you still wish to order one please put your orders in now. Because of the limited print runs I do I am affraid I can not do them at reduced prices. Anyway you still have 21 days to get your orders in.

I also need to tell you about the shoot I did with model Craig Daniel. I have known Craig for years after first meeting him at a mutual friends in Oxford. I have always intended to work with him but for one reason or another just never got round to it.

Calendar gets a mention

2015 is rapidly approaching. I can't guarantee you will get you calendar orders before the 1st January if you place them now, but it was nice to get a mention in the latest piece in Butt Magazine. The calendars are printed to order and sent directly from the printers to cut down delivery times. If you want to order please click on the pic below and it will take you to the Calendars page

2nd cover for Dreamspinner Press

Some months ago I did a shoot with the fun model Matt . Well one of the pics taken in the shoot has been chosen for the cover of the new novella by B.G.Thomas called Red. It is being released as an Ebook on 21st January 2015. You can pre-order now  if you go to to the Dreamspinner website. Why not get your order in now. If you click on the pic it will take you to the page to order it

Red by B.G. Thomas

Leslie "Red" Parks was pretty surprised to find he was considered attractive enough to be a male escort.

Pic of Alex already on another site

Yesterday I told you about the shoot I had just done with the lovely Alex Hall who had come all the way from the West Country to do his first photoshoot for Suntown Photography. Anyway I also showed some of the photos to my friend, the American author, B.G.Thomas. He loved the pics of Alex. So much so he has used one of them as a Banner Header pic on his own blog on the page Holiday Stories. Why not check it out by clicking on the link or the pic below. 

Great new find

I had the pleasure today of working with a lovely guy called Alex Hall. It was apparently only the 2nd time he posed for anything other than family snaps. And the first time had been with a mate after a few drinks. He was clearly a bit nervous but I hope he enjoyed the shoot as much as I did. Especially as he had had a bit of a trek to get here. It actually took him over 3 hours to get up here by train from where he had stayed over night down in the south west. I hope his return journey is a bit easier for him.