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Shoots have started for "Naked & Inked"
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Sorry for no recent updates
Shoots have started for "Naked & Inked"


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Shoots have started for "Naked & Inked"

I have had a lot going on recently which is why I have not had time to do the blog. Sorry about that. Anyway I think I have things back under control so I best let you know what is going on with my photo-book project "Naked & Inked". In the last few weeks I have worked with 3 guys who I have never worked with before. All very different and in my opinion all very good looking. Thir pics are below:

Robert SmithJean DesfontainesAnton Alexander
As you will see I have 90% decided to do the book in B&W, but that is subject to change.

Sorry for no recent updates

You may have wondered what has been happening as I have not been on here for quite a while. Well following some health issues I had to put the photography on the back burner for a while. But I am still working on a number of projects which include, hopefully doing some more book covers for the lovely author, BG Thomas at Dreamspinner press and my own photo-collection called "Naked and Inked". I have a number of guys lined up for this already but I am still looking for some more. Intially I was looking for 100 guys who have tattoo's who would be willing to pose naked whilst showing them off.